Creating a Beautiful Peacock Bedroom

Having a peacock bedroom is a very interesting idea that you can have. It must be really good for you to color your bedroom with the same color as peacock since it i a very elegant kind of bird. Thus, adapting the color of it would create an elegant and also unique nuance in your bedroom for sure. It would be really good since you will really want to have a very brilliant idea of peacock within your bedroom. Adding some decoration with a symbol of peacock feather is a very interesting thing that you can have for sure.

Creating Peacock Bedroom

You need to remember that peacock is a very interesting bird. Thus, you have to create it as interesting as the bird itself. A blue and green color would be good to represent the peacock itself. In other side, you can also add some peacock accents for sure. It would add the nuance of the peacock itself. Try to fulfill your bedroom with a lot of peacock accents would be really good. Maybe, you can have a peacock patterned curtain to make it more interesting. In other side, you can also have wallpaper within this motif. Thus, your bedroom would really be beautiful.

Peacock Decor for Bedroom

It must be really good for you to think about having some decorations within the peacock theme in your bedroom. Peacock is a very beautiful creature to be admired. A lot of poets use it to describe and impersonate it into another thing. Therefore, it must be really good for you to have it for sure. You will get a very interesting room for sure. Moreover, it would be a very beautiful decoration for you since peacock is also a beautiful creature. Thus, you will always satisfy for having a very beautiful bedroom with a lot of peacocks.

Perfect Outdoor Activities with Deck Canopy

If you feel that your deck is already too hot, so it is the time for you to install deck canopy. It assists you to have the comfortable outdoor activities. It beats the heat, allows you to spend time in outdoor in cozy way without afraid of being exposed by the sun directly. Not only to protect you from heat, canopy also protects you from rain while doing outdoor activity. So by having canopy, you can do outdoor activities anytime in any condition.

The Types of Deck Canopy

There are some types of canopy that you have to know before you install canopy at your deck. The most common type is canopy awning. Canopy awning uses fabric material which is very durable. It can last for 15 years. It will not sag and it is water resistant. Canopy awning is roof-style canopy, which gives full shading, even for the big deck. The other type is pergola. Different from awning, pergola gives the partial shade for your deck. It let little amount of sunshine to enter your deck. Usually pergola is covered by vines, which can give the natural green environment. If you don’t want to have permanent canopy, you can owe the portable canopy. You can move it easily to whenever you want.

Make DIY Deck Canopy

DIY canopy

Making your own canopy is so easy! You have to follow these steps. First, you have to set the size of the area which will be covered by the canopy. After you have determined the size, build the rectangular support boxes. The function is to support the canopy base posts. Next, draw a notch in decking planks. Cut out the notch using saw and tidy the cut using engraver. After that, make parallel cuts along the upright canopy to create a notch. Then break it off using hammer and tidy up using engraver. Attach the front post to rectangular box using galvanized nails. Then, raise each header board into every notch of the posts.